From Wellness to Worship is a Faith-based Health Education Company that helps women achieve harmony and balance from a holistic perspective through healthy lifestyle practices, Godly principles, and praise.  


My Views on Health 

I view Health from a Holistic perspective, which means I am interested in the whole person.    I am interested in helping you find harmony and healing mentally, physically, spiritually using godly principles, holistic  practices, and praise. 

My Practice 

In my practices we will explore wellness through the eyes of Christ using faith and praise as the foundation to discover how to live a balanced life. 

As Holistic HEALTH Practitioner I value

  • Health not being about Chronic Dieting and Weight Loss

  • Creating a Non-judgmental (No Shaming) Zone During Sessions

  • Using a Holistic & Natural Approach 

  • Using Simple Ingredients

  • Being Relatable 

  • Managing Stress 

  • Ending Emotional Eating 

  • Transitioning to Plant Based Eating 

  • Connecting your Spirit to your journey of healing